UWE Bristol International Summer School Challenge for International Students

4 months ago

The UWE Bristol International Summer School challenge can be your next target if an international summer school is your passion in enhancing your English skill. It is true since they open a chance for all international students across the globe to experience two-week summer school at the University of the West England. This challenge is very attractive because the prize will allow you to travel to England and feel the university life as the students of UWE. In addition, the prize also grants the selected students accommodation such as food and money up to £750.

About UWE Bristol

UWE Bristol International Summer School Challenge

UWE Bristol International Summer School Challenge

Further details about the host of UWE Bristol International Summer School challenge, this is a University Alliance university. Their common mission is to provide much more different especially in the cities and regions in England through giving and providing a high quality teaching and learning process for university-level students as well as the research so that it can brings much impact to the real world. They learn each other and innovate together to support all members and students in gaining better future and life. Then, the Bristol International Summer school is a way to expand their coverage worldwide.

About the Challenge

The UWE Bristol International Summer School challenge is a selection process from UWE Bristol to give opportunity especially for international students in experiencing the teaching and learning process at international university-level. There are three steps in winning this chance as follow:

  • Take and win the sqore challenge at here
  • Apply the summer school at UWE Bristol via online application at https://bit.ly/2q9GzJk
  • Wait for the selection process of the winner

Those three steps are a must for those who want to win free spot plus travel, food and accommodation from UWE Bristol. At the moment, there is only an opportunity available among 1878 participants.

Application Instructions

If you want a detail instruction of the UWE Bristol International Summer School challenge, here are the following steps that you must do as follow:

  • First of all, you must pass the 4-question UWE Summer School Challenge at sqore.com.
  • The second step is to pass the English language challenge within 5 questions.
  • Then, you must create a motivational statement essay.
  • Lastly, you are now able to apply the online application of UWE Bristol at the link given previously.

The deadline of the sqore challenge is no later than 9 June 2017, while the application deadline is before 12 June 2017.

Eligibility Requirements

Another important thing to win this UWE Bristol International Summer School challenge is about the eligibility requirements. In other words, you must meet these following criteria to win the chance given by UWE Bristol as follow:

  • Your age must be at least 18 years old by attending the international summer school
  • Your English level must be an intermediate level or higher. IELTS must be 5.0 or its equivalent.
  • You must have a legal VISA to enter the United Kingdom and be responsible to acquire your own VISA if necessary.

That is all information of this challenge. There are so many benefits by winning this opportunity especially for you who want to know England and improve your English by native surroundings.

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