Terrell Undergraduate Scholarships 2017 for International Students

4 months ago

The Terrell Undergraduate Scholarships invites all international students inside and outside Australia to compete each other. These scholarships are designed for those who have been finishing or have completed the first year program at the Australian National University and are ready to enroll into the second year. In other words, the students must have already completed or been completing their first year at the moment. You can check the following criteria for the details. If you feel like at the right time with these scholarships, just follow the instructions below.




This scholarships program is hosted by the Australian National University this year in regard to commemorate the struggles and efforts of Professor R D Terrell to international relations and student affairs. That is why the name is called Terrell Undergraduate Scholarships. For your information, this program will grant the scholarship awardee or students who are still in undergraduate program, and it must be based on their academic merit in the first year of their studies especially at the Australian National University. For further details, check out the scholarship value below.

Each awardee or student who is selected to receive the Terrell Undergraduate Scholarships may be given these awards as follow:

  • 2 x 50% fee sponsorship + 100% of the Overseas Student Health Cover for the remainder of the undergraduate program
  • 2 x 25% fee sponsorship + 100% of the Overseas Student Health Cover for the remainder of the undergraduate program

There is no detail about how much the fee sponsorship is in the program. You may know about it after qualifying the program in the future. The thing is that the health cover is one of the most important things for the international students since they will leave their home countries. The scholarships program is designed to support all subjects in undergraduate level. They must undertake their study at the Australian National University in Australia.

Eligibility and Criteria

The Terrell Undergraduate Scholarships are available each year. Hence, you will have much opportunity to win the prizes every year that you apply your application. Before you send your application, please read this eligibility and criteria firstly so that you can consider that you are qualified to the program. The following eligibility and criteria as follow:

  • Candidates must have completed up to and no more than two semesters at the University and will be ready to undertake their second year;
  • Candidates are enrolled in a Bachelor’s degree program at the Australian National University;
  • They have achieved excellent results during their first two semesters at the University;
  • All nationalities are eligible to the program;

Application Instruction

All you need to do in applying the application of the Terrell Undergraduate Scholarships is to prepare an internet connection because the scholarships program opens online application form. You just need to click the application at this link here. The closing date is the most important thing that you need to remember every time you want to apply an international scholarship. For your information, the Australian National University closes the application process on July, 21 2017.


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