Tandem Europe for International Applicants or Organizations in Europe

4 months ago

Tandem Europe looks for up to 40 applicants in a group or organisations who will become the partner where they can increase and enhance their opportunities for their career. They are called Tandem partner. Those selected candidates will not only become the family but also the discoverers of European borders, cultures, sectors and artistic disciplines.


Tandem Europe for International

Tandem Europe for International

The requirements of Tandem Europe 2017 Social Innovation are easy. They just need some candidates who have much passion and innovation in their societies. They must be one of civil society organisations, public institutions, non-profit initiatives and social enterprises. Then, they must be based in one of the 28 EU member states. The applicants from such countries like Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, FYROM, Switzerland, Norway or Iceland can also be eligible to the program. So, there will be many groups from different organizations that will make a collaboration cross the cultural borders.


Tandem Europe 2017 is actually a program that is designed for cultural organisations and creative initiatives, which come from all 28 EU member states. This program is a one-year program that will form 12 cross-border collaborative tandems from 24 cultural organisations and creative initiatives that become the main requirement above. Each organization needs a manager or creative project coordinator to represent its organisations or creative initiatives. For your information, the 2017 program opens up to 40 project managers and/or creative project coordinators to join this Tandem Partnet Forum so that they can build a European partnership with another Tandem organisations or candidate.

The jury will select and choose the twelve most promising Tandem proposals for the program. The following year will be complied by the selected participants and undertake a 2-week work placement at their new Tandem partner organization. Hence, it looks like a vocational visit for them. Of course, the selected participants will be involved directly to their partner’s or Tandem partner in the real working environment in order to give them insights into local socio-economic and cultural realities, which are different with where they come from.

The fun part of this Tandem Europe Program is that each organization will spend two mutual placement weeks together. It will make a best sharing activity during their work time. They will be funded for bringing their cultural innovation idea to the world.

Scholarship Value

For your information, there are some benefits that the Tandem Europe partners will receive if they are qualified and selected as follow:

  • 2 weeks abroad during a vocational placement at a new partner organisation
  • 3 group meetings including peer-to-peer learning sessions, and workshops with experienced trainers on social innovation
  • reimbursement of travel costs and living expenses during project events and placements
  • € 5000 start-up funding for testing a shared pilot collaboration idea
  • expert-facilitated mentoring of pilot collaboration initiatives from inception to completion
  • a public showcase event to present the outcomes of all pilot collaboration initiatives
  • small-scale follow-up support to scale-up pilot ideas towards broader impact

How to Apply

Everything is done via internet. This Tandem Europe program offers online application form at here. Make sure you submit it before 30 June 2017.


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