Rennes School of Business Scholarship for International Student

4 months ago

Rennes School of Business offers a scholarship for those who want to finish their Master or Science. This one of top Business schools in France will select the candidates from the Digital Marketing and Communication program. The school also gives a scholarship that is valued at 5 000€. Of course, it isn’t a small amount of scholarship. In addition, we can also learn and complete our master’s program in France, which is a popular country in this world. As you can see on its title, this school is located in Rennes, France. Furthermore about the school, it is also ranked 35th worldwide especially for their master program of Management in worldwide magazine in 2016.


Rennes School of Business Scholarship

Rennes School of Business Scholarship

At the time this article written, there are already 799 participants for the Rennes School of Business scholarship. A 5 000€ scholarship is offered for those participants and you still have an opportunity to get it and fly to France before the new academic years get started. This business school prepares their graduates to face the new challenge in business management segment. The deadline is no later than 15th July 2017. It means that we have two months remaining to prepare our applications.

The Digital Marketing and Communication program is one of best program choice for modern students these days because we live with internet now. This program will teach and train you how to be digital marketers who must watch, view, and analysis how the modern commercials work. We found it will be challenging plus fun because you won’t know how modern the digital technology nowadays especially in a big country such as France. In addition, this point of view can be easily gained through the scholarship of Rennes School of Business. You must pass several challenges before you can achieve what you want.


The most significant role of Rennes School of Business scholarship is whether or not you are eligible to the program. So, let’s see the eligibility criteria of the program below.

The candidates must hold a bachelor degree. If you are a last semester student, you still have a chance to be eligible

The specific admissions are required by the Master’s program that they want to apply. Thus, make sure you have met their specific requirements

The English proficiency is a must. You can send the result of your TOEFL or IELTS or TOEIC or its equivalent, which can show the level of your English language skills.

How to Apply

To apply the Rennes School of Business scholarship, you have to pass some challenges that are provided by the school and First of all, you must pass the challenge from the school. This step requires you to answer six questions within six minutes. Secondly, you must answer 13 questions of how to respond the customer behavior. It should be done under 13 minutes. Then, there is an essay from the Digital Marketing program. The second essay is your motivational statement. Last but not least, you must tell your personal information by filling the online application form that you can check at here.

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