QAAFI PhD Scholarships For International Students 2017

4 months ago

The QAAFI PhD Scholarships will allow you to study in Australia. The scholarships are open for both local and international students. There are up to four fully-funded scholarships awardees for this program. Be prepared and let’s go to Australia this year.


This scholarships program is hosted by the University of Queensland. It is also designed specifically for the students who have some passion in agricultural scientific fields. The students will pursue their research in such field of study. QAAFI stands for the Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation. For your information, this is a world leading research institute, and become the most popular one than any scientific organizations that work at the similar field. It would be a big prestige to work and study at this kind of university, right?

QAAFI PhD Scholarships

QAAFI PhD Scholarships

The main goal of QAAFI is to improve and encourage the competitiveness and sustainability of both tropical and sub-tropical agriculture and food sectors via the modern and high-impact science significantly. This goal is also implemented at the QAAFI PhD Scholarships. Hence, the eligible and qualified candidates are expected to bring the impact to that sector through their modern and deep research at the University of Queensland. That is also the reason why the applicants must provide evidence of English language proficiency because of its seriousness.

The QAAFI PhD Scholarships are designed for those who want to pursue the research program in agriculture scientific fields. The scholarship will cover the scholarships awardee’s living allowance of $26,682 per year based on 2017 rate. It also covers the tuition fees and Overseas Student Health Cover. There are up to four scholarships that will be offered for qualified and high-achieving students. They will also study and live at the University of Queensland in Australia.


The details of the eligibility criteria are shown in this section. The following criteria are as follow:

  • UQ Graduate School’s PhD eligibility requirements
  • Meet the UQ Graduate School’s living scholarship requirements
  • Be nominated by prospective Principal Advisor for a UQ Graduate School Scholarship
  • Suitably qualified applicants should contact potential QAAFI advisors directly to initiate a conversation about the key strategic priority areas and student-advisor match.
  • Citizen of Australia or foreigners from other countries globally
  • A bachelor’s degree with honours class IIA or better from approved universities, which should include a relevant research component
  • A research master’s degree
  • A coursework master’s degree and an overall GPA (grade point average) equivalent to 5.65 on the 7-point UQ scale, which should include a relevant research component.
  • A postgraduate degree of at least one year full-time equivalent with an overall GPA (grade point average) equivalent to 5.0 on the 7-point UQ scale, together with demonstrated research experience equivalent to honours IIA will be considered for PhD entry on a case by case basis.
  • A bachelor’s degree plus at least two years of documented relevant research experience, including research publications.
  • English language skills or certifications at higher level

How to Apply

To apply the QAAFI PhD Scholarships, make sure you are invited by the prospective QAAFI Principal Advisor so that you can submit an RHD admission application via the OLA (OnLine Application) at here before 25 June 2017.


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