Platt Family Essay Scholarship for Everyone to Study in USA

4 months ago

If you look for an international and ongoing scholarship, Platt Family Essay Scholarship may be what you are searching for. For your information, the winners of this scholarship will receive $2,750 as the prize. What makes this scholarship unique is because you need to send your essay n regard with the topic question.

Scholarship Description

Platt Family Essay Scholarship

Platt Family Essay Scholarship

The Platt Family Essay Scholarship is an annual program. The latest program was conducted last year. In 2016, the program hit the 151th anniversary of the assassination of remarkable American’s president Abraham Lincoln. The application must have consisted of 1,500-to-5,000 words of essay. This year, the same rules may be announced. This scholarship program is really beneficial especially for young people who don’t have much information about the history. It encourages them to start reading about Abraham Lincoln and their opinion about a wide range of political leaders.

The 2017 essay topic is still in regard to the inspirational Abraham Lincoln. Your essay must show your knowledge and opinions about the previous American’s president such as George W. Bush and Barrack Obama. Here is the following topic that you must include in your essay:  “Several American presidents, including ideological opposites George W. Bush and Barack Obama, have stated that they have either admired or sought inspiration from the life and times of Abraham Lincoln. What is it about Lincoln that appeals to a wide range of political leaders? What lessons from Lincoln’s presidency might be useful to our new president?”

The Platt Family Essay Scholarship offers three prizes for the winners. The first place will achieve $1,500; the second place will get $750; and the last or third place will only receive $500. The level of studies of this program is for full-time college in all subjects. The winners must undertake their study in the United States of America.

Eligibility and Criteria

Without further ado, check these eligibility criteria:

  • Everyone can be the applicants of this Platt Family Essay Scholarship
  • They don’t have to be an American citizen, but they must be attending an American college or university
  • Entries must contain a minimum of 1,500 and a maximum of 5,000 words.
  • There is no restriction about the nationality of the candidates.

Application Instruction

As stated earlier, the applicants must write an essay within 1,500 to 5,000 words. The topic has also been stated at the previous paragraph. You must follow the topic. If your essay is out of the topic, it is difficult to see the chance for you to be the winner. You can also see some references from the previous award’s winning essay at the official site here.  Then, there are two general ways to send the applications.

The first way is easy because you just need to send it via email. Submit your application to [email protected] or via snail mail. We recommend using this first way because you just send it via internet or online application. The second way is through the letter or envelope. Make sure you have sent to the appropriate address at Don McCue, Curator — Lincoln Memorial Shrine, 125 W. Vine St. Redlands, CA 92373. The deadline of Platt Family Essay Scholarship is on July 31, 2017.


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