New Zealand International Doctoral Research Scholarship

6 months ago

The New Zealand International Doctoral Research Scholarship is already open now. Their goals are to draw and maintain the best researchers in the world to this country, New Zealand. These goals are pretty interesting by the way because these scholarships will allow the researchers to live and get paid up to three years in the country. It also includes the full tuition fees as well. New Zealand is a beautiful country that owns three seasons such as winter, summer and autumn. Luckily, the scholarships are available for all students across the countries. Let’s check everything you need to know about them after this paragraph.

Scholarship Details

The New Zealand International Doctoral Research Scholarship

The New Zealand International Doctoral Research Scholarship

In order to get well informed about the New Zealand International Doctoral Research Scholarship, this article tells the details regarding to the how long the grantee will get covered and how much money they will receive. Based on the official site of this scholarship, the scholarship grantees will get covered the scholarship tuition fees and living stipend for three years or thirty six months. The fees and stipend will be paid annually. In other words, the grantee gets the payment every year. The living stipend per year is NZ$25,000 and there is no tax included because tax free. The scholarship does include the medical insurance coverage as well for NZ$600 per year.


The criteria of New Zealand International Doctoral Research Scholarship are pretty tough. It is understandable since it offers prestigious and competitive feeling for the candidates. For your information, this scholarship really focuses on the academic quality from the beginning to the end. Let’s start from the eligibility criteria first. Overall, there are five criteria for the eligibility of the candidate. If the candidate couldn’t meet those five requirements, they would fail all the opportunity.

First off, the candidates should have the minimum GPA at 3.7 of 4.0 scale or A to A+ average in their post graduate most recent qualification. Secondly, the candidates have to make a confirmed and non-conditional proposal of PhD program at one of universities in New Zealand. FYI, there are eight universities of New Zealand that have ranks in top 500. Thirdly, if the candidates have already been in PhD program in the country, the class had already started from and after July, 1st 2016. Then, the PhD study is only in New Zealand and it must not be from a distance like online class, etc. Lastly, the candidates aren’t the citizen of New Zealand or Australia, who don’t have PR status or citizenship ID card.

For the selection criteria of New Zealand International Doctoral Research Scholarships, the candidates have to offer a real, actual and vivid proposal or research that can make conclusive effect on economy and population in New Zealand. It can also cover both areas as.


That is all thing you need to know about New Zealand International Doctoral Research Scholarship. Normally, the scholarship accepts eight awards. The grantee’s is going to study only for three years. The application will be ended on August, 30 2017. Go to this link for further details here.

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