International Ambassador Scholarships in UK for International Students

4 months ago

The international Ambassador Scholarships become the next milestone for scholarship hunters all over the world. This program is designed for the 2017/2018 year. So, you still have much time to prepare and win the scholarships value up to £5,000.


International Ambassador Scholarships

International Ambassador Scholarships

The University of West London is the host of this scholarship program. They invite all international students to send their application to win the scholarship prize up to £5,000. For your information, the university offers both undergraduate and postgraduate programs. The students with any nationalities are welcomed to test their qualification of the International Ambassador Scholarships. The main purposes of the scholarship are to recognize and provide financial support for the students who have outstanding academic achievements and demonstrated a potential skill to be the ambassadors for the University of West London.

What does the international ambassador mean? This is the person who becomes the representatives of the University. He or she must be active to participate in current and future promotional activities. As we know, the promotional thing refers to all events such as involving in an interview, being photographed and many more in regard to marketing department. Of course, a good communication skill is a compulsory for the candidates to give much advantage in the future.

The International Ambassador Scholarships is worth up to £5,000. All subjects in undergraduate and postgraduate are available to the scholarships program. Lastly, the students must be undertaking their study at the University of West London in England, United Kingdom.

Eligibility and Criteria

The eligibility of the International Ambassador Scholarships has been mentioned previously. The candidates must have a potential skill as the representative of the university, which means that they must be good in communication. In addition, they also must come from all nationalities all over the world. Lastly, the candidates must have been accepted to study on a full-time undergraduate or postgraduate course at the University of West London, commencing in September 2017.

To help you imagine how to be an ambassador of a university. Here are some signs to know that you would be an awesome student ambassador as follow:

  • If you love to start a conversation with any people or even stranger, you must be a friendly person. This sign is very important to show that you are able to be an ambassador student. The first way to do problem-solving solution is by starting a conversation. This behavior will give you advantage when you are an ambassadors. You might open a presentation to promote the university.
  • If you love being independent, it is the next sign that you have a good potential as ambassador. Independent means that you do something wholeheartedly even there is no supervisor who may guide you. Working without some advices may be difficult for some people. But, an ambassador is always open to learn independently without the help from others.

Application Instruction

You must visit this link to apply the International Ambassador Scholarships here. It is an online application form so that you need an internet connection to apply it. Make sure you aren’t late to send application because the deadline is on 16 July 2017.


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