IMD MBA Future Leaders Scholarships and Loans For Students All over the World

4 months ago

You can take one of IMD MBA Future Leaders Scholarships if you want to either study or travel to Switzerland. IMD Switzerland opens three scholarships every year, and you shouldn’t miss all of them this year. Read on this article and send your application right next to it.


The IMD MBA Future Leaders Scholarships will support and help successful MBA participants in two ways either providing scholarships or giving loans. Based on the official site, the total amounts of the scholarships is CHF500’000 for scholarships and CHF 1.3 million for loans every year. Of course, this large amount will be offered for eligible and qualified candidates too each year. The site also adds that the maximum amount of the scholarship given to the scholarship awardee is up to CHF 65,000. Only successful candidates can get that money seriously. If you are failed, you must find another way such as seeking for loans.

Talking about the loans, this is the alternative way that you can do if you failed the scholarship selection. IMD Switzerland has been working with a Swiss bank in providing external funding to the candidates who have successfully demonstrated that they have no other sources to study in IMD. Then, you can fight for a loan request to them. However, you must be fast for this one because IMD will accelerate the pre-assessment of the financial need. Loans and scholarships have different systems of criteria and selection process. Without further ado, let’s check them one by one.


There are several requirements for the loan requests. They are as follow:

  • You must receive acceptance evidence to IMD MBA
  • Then, please confirm that you really need the loans by paying the advance deposit of CHF 15,000. This is the only amount of money that you have to pay, and there is no other payment.
  • Complete and send the MBA Financial aid application form to IMD
  • Understand and accept the conditions and terms of the loan

Ensure you have sent your application before 30 October or 15 November if you are the September deadline applicants.


Now, we are going to discuss about the IMD MBA Future Leaders Scholarships both about the eligibility and application instructions. For your information, one scholarship is only for one candidate. First of all, here are the eligibility criteria of the scholarships program as follow:

  • Write your essay in the form of IMD MBA Scholarship template
  • Submit your application to [email protected]
  • The essay should demonstrate your personal ideas or point of views without plagiarism. If you want to put proper citation, you can do it as you wish

For your information, all reserves belong to IMD. They will not select the candidates who didn’t meet their criteria. The essay must relate with the topic and no more than 750 words. The topic is about leadership understanding in business world.

Application Instructions

To apply the IMD MBA Future Leaders Scholarships, you must send your essay and application no later than 30 September 2017. Send it to Ch. de Bellerive 23, P.O. Box 915, CH-1001 Lausanne, Switzerland.

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