ICN Business School Scholarship For MSc Degree

4 months ago

You can test your business knowledge to receive the ICN Business School scholarship within several challenges on sqore.com. The prize of the scholarship is pretty challenging and tantalizing as you can see on the official site. The school will provide the students for a €1500 scholarship and give you an MSc degree after your surname. There are many business schools, which offer such kind of program these days. But, ICN is one of the pioneers of business school in France. In addition, it is located at the heart of Europe. You don’t only study but also travel to the most fashionable country in the world.

About ICN

ICN Business School scholarship

ICN Business School scholarship

Furthermore about ICN Business School, this institution was established in 1905. The root of this institution is to develop and teach management, art, and technology. Of course, those links will be a good future for economic environment later. The mission of ICN is quite simple and we just mentioned it before. It wants to train both students and executives to handle and manage the companies or enterprises correctly and efficiently with full responsibilities and commitments. In addition, the institution wants to contribute some creativity through art so that there will be unlimited innovations for the graduates in flying their careers in economic environment.

For your information, ICN community is also supported by an academic partnership in Artem Alliance. It includes two others company as follow: Mines Nancy and the École nationale supérieure d’art et de design de Nancy. All lessons are taught in English. Thus, a good English proficiency is required to study in this campus.

Application Instructions

There are three general ways to achieve the ICN Business School scholarship. They are as follow:

  • Firstly, the applicants must complete the sqore challenge
  • Secondly, they have to apply on ICN directly after completing the challenge
  • Lastly, they are able to take the next step in International Business development

Meanwhile, there are also some specific steps for them to complete the sqore challenge as follow:

  • The applicants must complete the ICN knowledge quiz. It would be seven questions about the institutions. Make sure you have read and known about it before conducting the quiz.
  • The second step of the challenge is to complete 10 questions of Business Skills Challenge. This quiz is in regard to your business knowledge and skills.
  • The third step is to create motivation statement in an essay form.
  • Then, you are now able to fill the online application form of the ICN Business School


Lastly, you must meet the eligibility requirements of the ICN Business School scholarship. Here are the requirements:

  • The applicants have a bachelor degree or been finishing it by deadline in August 2017. Those students who are still completing their bachelor degree must provide the evidence that they will finish it before the deadline.
  • They also must be certified to study in France such as having eligible student VISA
  • They also must apply it online or via internet at the http://www.icn-artem.com/en/student-education.
  • English proficiency is a must

The deadline of this scholarship program admission is before June 23, 2017.

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