ICFJ Early Childhood Development Reporting Fellowship in USA for International Students

5 months ago

The Early Childhood Development Reporting Fellowship for international students is now open. The program accepts the students whose such potential as journalists. Luckily, the scholarship aims the developing countries citizens. Without further ado, check out the descriptions below.


ICFJ Early Childhood Development

ICFJ Early Childhood Development

The main goal of the Early Childhood Development Reporting Fellowship is to cover the main issues that usually happen in child health and the development for news. In other words, the program is designed to increase the news coverage especially for children’s health internationally. As the journalist’s duty, we must critically focus on the important issue first so that everyone in the world knows and gives some solutions to the problem soon. For your information, the global network of reporters will be formed through this beneficial program. This program doesn’t only support the child health but also the journalism sector at the same coin.

International Center for Journalists is the host of this scholarships program. It is a non-profit and professional organization in the journalism sector. The headquarters are located in the United States. Most of other journalist’s organizations will take ICFJ as the main role because of its contribution in the journalism worldwide. Currently, there are more than seventy thousand journalists across the world through 180 countries who have worked with ICFJ, and it has been over twenty seven years so far. You can imagine how large the company is through this number of employee. It would be a pleasure if we joined this organization while pursuing our degree.

The Early Childhood Development Reporting Fellowship is available for any journalist all over the world. Currently, the program offers two international reporting trips. The main subject of the fellowship is child health and development. The benefits of the program will cover some travel expenses such as visas, hotels, flights and local transportations. However, the successful candidates must be hired by a news outlet. Another option is to have a commitment to work or publish from a news outlet. The stories of the child health can be delivered in the candidate’s native language. But, the proposals must be in English.

Eligibility and Criteria

The criteria of the Early Childhood Development Reporting Fellowship are as following:

  • Candidates must be Journalists;
  • They must be coming from these several developing countries: Bangladesh, Brazil, India, Kenya, Nigeria, and Tanzania;
  • They must be proficient in English as stated earlier. Although the stories or broadcasts may be submitted in the candidates’ native languages, they must write the proposal in English language.

Application Instructions

To apply the ICFJ Early Childhood Development Reporting Fellowship, the candidates must include these documentations in their applications. They are as follow:

  • A resume or CV
  • Examples of stories produced on early-childhood development
  • A reporting-project proposal that outlines story ideas the Fellow will pursue and a reporting and publishing/broadcasting plan

Then, submit the application form at here. The application process will be accepted until 6 August 2017. The application form won’t be accessible after the deadline. If you need more information about the scholarship, you can read it at the official site: https://www.icfj.org/childhealthfellowship.

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