Houzz Scholarships For International Women Students in Architecture

4 months ago

The Houzz Scholarships is looking for some international women students who have passion in architecture. The scholarship awardees will be given a chance to study in Germany for 2017 intake. If you are interested in this scholarship, read on until the end.


Houzz Scholarships For International woman

Houzz Scholarships For International woman

The Houzz Scholarships are directly hosted by Houzz. For your information, this is a leading platform or company in construction sectors. It also concerns with furnishing and renovation projects. Overall, the company works in construction projects. Houzz will never be so strange for those who work or study in architecture. The company wants to bring together home and residential owners to have best interior design based on the experts in architecture. This humble mission becomes more appreciate since the company offers some scholarships for the international students. Let’s see the details of them after this paragraph.


The Houzz Scholarships are designed to invite and encourage the new generation of female students especially in architecture and interior design sectors. This main goal can be seen through the name of the scholarships. As we can see on the fields, the architecture and interior design sector owns male workers dominantly. This current situation encourages Houzz as the leading company in construction to increase the number of women workers so that their careers will be more expanding than before. Hence, there are many experts in architecture especially female architects to join in unique community.

The scholarships offer all degree programs from undergraduate, master and diploma courses. The main disciplines of the Houzz Scholarships are architecture and interior design sectors. According to the site, the scholarship is worth 3000 Euros. Unfortunately, the number of scholarships is still unknown whether or not it is only one scholarship. The scholarship awardee will study in Germany.


The Houzz Scholarships prepare some criteria for the eligible applicants. You must these following criteria in order to be eligible to the program. They are as follow:

  • 18 years or older
  • Currently enrolled in German universities and colleges for architecture and interior architecture in undergraduate or master or diploma courses
  • International students are eligible
  • English Language Proficiency

Those requirements seem easy to you, right? If you meet these requirements, prepare your application immediately because the candidates will be increasing every day.

How to Apply

After you think that you are eligible for this Houzz Scholarships, it is time to know how to apply your application. The application instructions are done via online or internet. The candidates must fill the online application form based on their current studies and personal information. In addition, the scholarships program also asks the candidates to write a short motivation letter. It is expected to add a link of the full Houzz profile of the candidates that show the photos and the portfolio. So, the team shouldn’t check your CV anymore because the Houzz profile will tell your personal identities plus your photos. The deadline is still far from now. This program will be ended on 15 September 2017. Make sure that you follow any information through their official site. Fill the online application form at here

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