GDI Development Leadership Scholarships and Tips for Writing the Statement

6 months ago

GDI Development Leadership Scholarships is a program from the Global Development Institute that offers 9 scholarships for the students overseas. The scholarships start from giving free tuition fee from the new academic year of 2017/2018, which starts in September this year. For your information, GDI is one of big institutes in the United Kingdom. It is a part of University of Manchester. There are many fields of studpoy that the candidates can apply such as Development Economics and Policy, Management and Implementation of Development Projects, etc.

Eligibility Criteria

GDI Development Leadership Scholarships

GDI Development Leadership Scholarships

There are several criteria of the GDI Development Leadership Scholarships. Check them all below:

  • The candidates must have Masters Programme offering on their hand
  • The candidates must come from developed countries that are also having low income
  • They mustn’t from OECD country
  • The candidates must have bachelor degree for First Class Honours
  • The IELTS score must have 6.5 overall point in writing test.

How to Apply

To apply the GDI Development Leadership Scholarships, the candidates shouldn’t go to the United Kingdom or Manchester. They just need to send an email consisting five hundred words of the way in implementing their study in order to become leadership in the future. That’s simple. The deadline will end on May 26th, 2017. The earlier you sent the email, the faster result you get.

Tips How to Write

The GDI Development Leadership Scholarships obligate the candidates or applicants to send an email of their statement of how to implement their learning at the institution in developing their career to lead them as leaderships in the future. This instruction is pretty tricky. You can tell your desire through a 500-word email, which is standard. It isn’t too long, but it isn’t too short as well so that we call it tricky. The best tips that we can provide here are about how to describe your dreams into words and convince the institute that you are eligible for the scholarships

Convert Your Dream

This tip can be easy but also can be difficult. You can’t just say what you want to do with the learning you got from them into five hundred words long. So, start with the general first. You describe your opinion about the learning and tell the specific ideas in the end. This is far greater rather than you just go directly tell what you are going to do in developing your career. Always remember the goal that they want you to do. In this case, you will become a leader.

Convince Them

Lastly, you should convince the team of GDI Development Leadership Scholarships that you are eligible for the scholarships. After describing the plan, you convince them that you are able to make it happen. Tell them in a specific date or time when your plan will start and end. It is the best way to convince them. Moreover, they will have detail plan of yours too. Since it is only a 500-word email or statement, keep them as simple as possible and straight to the point. Don’t write anything that isn’t specific or just your daydreaming. This is your real dream coming true. Check them by clicking here.

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