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4 months ago

There is an opportunity for PhD seekers to apply and win a scholarship of Gdansk University of Technology. As we know, technology is really near with the human’s lives these days. We can’t live without the technology. Because of this reason, the world needs PhD graduates to keep develop and maintain the modern technology so that it will beyond the human’s expectation in the future. The scholarship is designed for international students. The program will start in the 2017 academic year. The selected students or candidates will study in Poland.


The Gdansk University of Technology

The Gdansk University of Technology

The Gdansk University of Technology scholarship aims the international students especially from foreign countries of Poland to experience and graduate as excellent and qualified doctors in the end. As we stated earlier, the technology is always growing every year and even in months. But, it should be equivalent with the developers and researchers of the technology itself. Thus, the world really requires a graduate that has been learnt from the best technology university as well. For your information, this university is the oldest university in Poland. We have no doubt about it anymore because it has been tracking the technology from years to years.

This scholarship is for those who want to pursue their PhD degree. The offered fields of study must be included as one of courses of Gdansk University. According to the official site, the scholarship value is up to 2,000 PLN every month for 4 years. There are currently three scholarships available in the programme so that there will be three qualified students.

Eligibility Criteria

We have found two criteria for the candidates of this program. They are as follow:

  • The international candidates outside Poland
  • A previous year degree or postgraduate’s degree
  • A good English proficiency

How to Apply

If you think that you are eligible for the Gdansk University of Technology scholarship, you should prepare the application before sending it to the university. There are two possible ways of the candidates to send their applications as follow:

  • They can send it via email or electronic form to
  • Another way is to send the paper version to Department of Scientific Affairs

Both ways offer the same application form. Make sure you have prepared all required documents. Here are the documents that you must include in your application:

  • Application form
  • Letters of recommendation including the contact details
  • Approval of the supervisor
  • List of achievement of the supervisor.

The application form can be downloaded via internet at here The main benefit of electronic form is to shorten the delivery process. Your application will be delivered instantly to the team of the scholarship program so that they can review and check your application. We suggest using the first way because of this reason. Most modern universities don’t include the paper version of application anymore because it is very time consuming. If you consider online form, you must scan and upload the required documents and compile them into your application. For further details, you can go to the Gdansk University of Technology. The deadline is 9 June 2017.

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