Fair & Lovely Foundation Scholarship For International Students Across the World

4 months ago

The Fair & Lovely Foundation Scholarship is available for international students now. The applications can choose both undergraduates and graduating degree levels as they wish. If you feel interested to the scholarship, keep in touch with us.

About Scholarship

Fair & Lovely Foundation Scholarship

Fair & Lovely Foundation Scholarship

This scholarship is initiated by the Fair & Lovely Foundation in order to support the women’s education so that the women are able to pursue their career goals and ambitions. The scholarship grants the successful candidates to study in UAE University. The program will select the candidates or applicants with a tough and tight selection process. It is important to provide the best result in the end. For your information, the judges of this scholarship program are ready to give their advices and inspirations to the fortunate candidates.

The Fair & Lovely Foundation Scholarship aims the goal to make a difference especially for women’s lives in the future from now. The efforts are not only increasing the daily beauty regimes, which come with innovative skincare products, but also motivating and helping the women in pursuing their dreams through the scholarship. In addition, the scholarship doesn’t limit the region or coverage of the encouraged women. They wholeheartedly offer this scholarships program to all women all over the world.

Currently, the foundation is already supporting the loves of thousands of women through several countries such as Pakistan, Egypt, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. The scholarships are not the only one effort that they provide, but also they involve in several sectors in career guidance, beauty and other initiatives. Now, the Fair & Lovely Foundation Scholarships want to expand the opportunities with young women all over the world. They want to invite the most potential women in the world so that they can be the real inspirations for all people in this Earth.

Eligibility Criteria

The Fair & Lovely Foundation Scholarship requires some eligibility criteria for the applicants who want to achieve the scholarships. They are as follow:

  • Women who have the age of 17–25 years old
  • They must have a big motivation to pursue or are currently pursuing an undergraduate education from a recognised institution in the UAE
  • The scholarship only covers one-year of the course
  • All nationalities are welcomed and eligible.
  • They must be able to show their previous degree
  • English Language Proficiency especially for the applicants whose first language is not English.

How to Apply

Luckily, Fair & Lovely Foundation Scholarship only requires online application form. In other words, they don’t need your application physically. In addition, it is pretty simple to be filled. Firstly, you have to fill in the form at the web page. There are two pages that require you to fill the form. The last step is to upload a video. Although you must create a video, it is only a minute video. The video must contain your introduction (name, age, and nationality), your main study right now, your dream in the future, and the meaning of education to your life. The application closing date is 7 July 2017. Click at this link here to fill the online application form.


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