Endeavour Postgraduate Scholarships Review

5 months ago

The Endeavour Postgraduate Scholarships are the awards from the Australian Government in order to provide more chances and opportunities for both Australians and International students to do their study and research. For your information, these scholarships help the government building a good reputation among scholars especially in education and research sectors so that the students are able to enhance their knowledge through the world-class universities in Australia. There are two degree programs are offered. They are master and PhD programs. The host institutions are particular universities in Australia. The students can complete their study up to four years.




The Endeavour Postgraduate Scholarships have already been giving more than 4,481 international students and 1,330 Australians since 2007. It means that the scholarships are very consistent to allow both international and Australian students in studying at world-leader universities of Australia. In 2003, this program was established in order to expose the quality of Australia’s education sector. Moreover, it helps the Australia’s government to enhance the high-achievements of international students that they can’t get in their own countries. The Australians are also expected to study overseas through the program. The department also makes a good relationship with some partnerships such as Cheung Kong Infrastructure (Holdings) Limited and Australian-American Fulbright Commission.

What We offer to You

What the Endeavour Postgraduate Scholarships offer will always be fruitful and beneficial for the scholarships awardees. They aren’t only getting the most significant experience of their study and research, but also invaluable international degree and some accommodations. For your information, the department has had a relationship with contractors in order to bring the accommodations for the recipients or scholarship awardees so that they will receive some payment of allowances, insurance for health and traveling, security, and many more. Lastly, the graduate students will be registered as one of the Global Alumni Network member. The target group ranges all across the world. It starts from the United States, Asia, Middle East, Europe, the Caribbean and Pacific.

Furthermore, the Endeavour Postgraduate Scholarships will spend $140,500 for the Master program recipient and $272,500 for the PhD’s recipient. That money have already included for travel allowance, monthly stipend, health and travel insurance, and many more.


The criteria of the Endeavour Postgraduate Scholarships are as follows:

  • The candidates must 18 or more when they are selected to study at their program
  • They must be the citizen of the target groups
  • They must send relevant documentations
  • They mustn’t a new student of the course that they have already completed
  • They must start the proposed program after the course’s starting program in 2018
  • They mustn’t be a scholarship holder since 1 January 2016

How to Apply

Applying the Endeavour Postgraduate Scholarships require the applicants to attach a formal admission letter from the institution that they have chosen in Australia. Meanwhile, the conditional admission letter will be approved at the same time of the application. The deadline of the application is 30 June 2017. For further details, you can check the official website at here  Please be diligent to click at the link so that you can get the latest information about the scholarships.


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