Australian Government Research Training Program For International Students

4 months ago

The Australian Government Research Training program scholarships open many chances for those who want to complete a master and doctoral degree. The study will be conducted in Australia as well as the new academic year in 2018. Don’t miss this opportunity because you still have much time to prepare everything.

Scholarship Description

Australian Government Research Training Program

Australian Government Research Training Program

You can apply for the Australian Government Research Training Program Scholarships if you are aware with your degree and try to pursue master’s or PhD’s degree. Luckily, this program is designed for international students. The main aim of the program is to help and support the students globally in pursuing a research higher degree. The host or institution of the program is Flinders University, which is situated in Australia. The scholarship awardees will be granted for international tuition fees and, of course, a stipend. Hence, you are not only going to get the tuition waiver, but also a stipend during your study at the university.

The scholarships are available in a very limited number. Based on the site, the scholarships are up to ten scholarships. However, you won’t be worrying about that because the scholarships are an annual program of the university. It means that there are still available next year, in case you have failed to apply this year. In addition, this limited number of scholarship encourages international students to bring make it more competitive. The university has to undertake tight and vigorous selection processes. The highest score will be considered by the academic merit of the candidates. Moreover, they also consider the candidates’ research indicators, performance, and academic research training.

For your information, the duration of the scholarship is up to three years for a research doctorate degree (PhD) and up to two years for a research master’s degree (masters). The selected and qualified applications will conduct a full-time study in Australia.


The value of Australian Government Research Training Program is beneficial especially for international students. The first benefit is to conduct a full-time research higher degree without wasting any money because the program will grant the tuition fees charged by the university. Secondly, the university will cover the living allowance of the recipients based on the 2017 rate at $26,682. It excludes the establishment allowance for their arrival in Australia up to $1,485.


There are several eligibility criteria that must be obeyed by the applications as follow:

  • They must fulfill the academic entry requirements of the offered degree programs at the university
  • They must hold an Australian First Class Hons degree or equivalent
  • English proficiency is a must for all candidates by providing the evidence of their English competence
  • They mustn’t hold or be completing any equivalent research higher degree qualification at the time they sent the application
  • They mustn’t be an Australia’s citizen

Application Instructions

You must read the application guidelines of Australian Government Research Training Program at the site given below in order to be attached in your application. The university won’t accept any applications after 11 August 2017. This program isn’t currently open the applications. It will be open on 14 June 2017.  Download all required documents at here.

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