Audencia Business School Scholarship

4 months ago

Audencia business school is one of the best choices if you want to master your business skills. In addition, we live in the modern era where everything can be done digitally. Digital era requires special skills in marketing and business. Many people know about this institution because it is pretty popular globally. The institution provides three scholarships for three top candidates who meet the criteria that they have offered. The first place candidate will receive a fifty-percent tuition fee waiver. Meanwhile, the second place will receive a fourth-percent tuition fee waiver. Lastly, they will provide the third place with a thirty-percent tuition fee waiver.


Audencia business school

Audencia business school

The Audencia business school scholarship is directly hosted by the institution. For your information, this business school owns more than 260 quality academic partnership in sixty countries around the world. There are around 16 business programs in the school currently. It can afford more than four thousand students from over 87 countries. The school concerns with teaching and training programs for the students in several fields such as Supply Chain and Purchasing, Food and Agribusiness, Consulting, Management, Finance, and many more that relate to business programs.

How to Apply

There are four opportunities that you can get from this scholars program. At the moment, there are 2588 participants to the scholarship at the moment. In addition, you can follow the competition with only two easy steps as follow:

  • First of all, the participants must take The Business Challenge at For your information, there are around twenty questions that you must answer before going to the next step.
  • The second step is to fill the application form. You must fill it with your personal information in details.
  • Then, you must meet the eligibility criteria of the program that you have applied to Audencia business school.

Eligibility Criteria

Here are the following criteria that you must follow and match with yourself as follow:

  • You must hold a Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent
  • You must have good English skills. It must be proven by TOEFL, TOIEC, or IELTS certificate
  • You must have already applied to a program of the institution and been admitted
  • The submissions of the applicants must be created by themselves
  • All personal information at the applications must be truthful and precise
  • com has its own right to select the eligible candidate of the challenge
  • All things in regard to the travelling to France become the responsibility of the applicants.

Available Prizes

Lastly, we are going to show some available prizes of the Audencia business school scholarship.

  • There is a tuition fee waiver for the first place winner up to 50%
  • There is a tuition fee waiver for the second place winner up to 40%
  • There is a tuition fee waiver for the third place winner up to 30%

Hence, this scholarship program should be your motivation in showing off your business skills to the institution and get what you deserve. The test is also only once in 20 questions of business challenge. It is recommended to always check the official website of Sqore at here because the deadline of this scholarship is no later than 31 May, 2017.

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