Annual Scholarships at Italian Institute for Historical Studies and International Students

5 months ago

There are some annual scholarships from the Italian Institute for Historical Studies that are now available for international students. The program aims young graduates and doctors to apply their scholarships application for the 2017 academic year.


Annual Scholarships at Italian Institute

Annual Scholarships at Italian Institute

These annual scholarships encourage both Italian and non-Italian citizens all over the world. The main goal of the scholarships program is to support the financial problem of the students who are selected and qualified for the program. For your information, the Italian Institute for Historical Studies was established in 1946 or more than seventy years ago. Although it is one of old institutions, they prefer to choose young graduates as the main target or aim. The more specific targets are those young students whose strong passions and motivations in learning historical studies.

The historical studies focus on finding the deep relationships between the history and human’s lives, including art, religion, politics, and many more. Hence those studies may demonstrate the value and goals of humanity through the history.

There are three focused subjects of this annual scholarships program. They are history, philosophy, and literature. For your information, the scholarship will grant the selected candidates with those benefits as follow:

  • 14 scholarships of € 12.000,00 each (if the candidate is resident in the Campania region the amount of the scholarship is € 9.700, 00).
  • 1 “Federico II” scholarship of € 10.300,00 offered by the Università degli studi di Napoli for graduates from Italian universities whose final thesis is in medieval studies.

So, there are up to fifteen scholarships that are available through these annual scholarships from the Italian Institute for Historical Studies. Of course, the selected candidates can take the study in Italy.

Eligibility and Criteria

Here are the criteria of the Italian Institute for Historical Studies for candidates who want to achieve the scholarships as follow:

  • Must be less than 32 years of age by the date of 31 July 2017
  • Graduates and doctors must have discussed their final university dissertation before the final application date;
  • Not already receive a scholarship from the Istituto
  • International Students
  • English language certificate is required for those who aren’t living in English-speaking countries.
  • Have Italian language skills both written and spoken since you will live and study in Italy.

Application Instructions

You must include these documentations in your application of these annual scholarships Italian Institute for Historical Studies:

  • A copy of identity document.
  • Curriculum of studies, including languages spoken (Italian speaking and understanding ability is mandatory)
  • Degree certificate showing marks for individual exams or doctor’s degree. For non-Italians an equivalent degree certificate is required.
  • A copy of graduation or doctor’s dissertation and of publications, even if still in draft, both in hard copy and digital file.
  • A research project that the student intends to carry out at the Institute, including aims and objectives, timing, materials to be used and the research location.
  • Academic letters of reference. Applications which do not completely satisfy the above conditions will not be considered.

Please submit the application before July 31, 2017. The details about the scholarship can be found at their official website at here.


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